The proper etiquette of a woman dating in the 1930

If you look at the picture at night and walk across the room at the same time you will see the eyes follow you across the room. there is said to be a ghost of a student that attended Union College in the 1960's.This lady had 5 kids, the picture has been passed down through the generations. His name was James Garner and he was a football and basketball player at Union. Records say that he fell from his 2nd floor window while trying to close it on a cool nite.He told the other two employees to wait, he would be right back.

She asked him if someone in his family or a close friend had recently died because she had gotten a message from “the other side.” He said no that he could think of no one.Billy Ray personally autographed large color posters to each of the female employees working here at the time - and one with a personal inscription to Paramount Joe, whom he now had a fondness for.Each lady put her poster near her desk and Joe's was hung in the box office, near all the other performers.As he was relating the Paramount Joe story, he realized that he was always talking about Joe, and not to him.So as he spoke to the students, he stopped and called out, “Joe, are you here? ” While he swears that he then heard a seat squeak, that is not the the most chilling part of this story.

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