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C." [Link: 1]- Astrology / China - "[....] Astrology is believed to have originated in China about the 3rd millennium BC.

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Oracles bones have been found dating from that period with the date according to the 60 year cycle inscribed on them, along with the name of the diviner and the topic being divined about. a group of people called Akkadians drifted into the Tigris-Euphrates valley along the northern fringes of Sumeria. In tablets almost 5,000 years old, and others less than 3,000 years old - the 'Noah figure' of Utnapishtim is known variously as Zisudra, Xisuthros or Atrahasis." - Burial sites / Oman - " '[....] An area of 600sqkm has been covered and many new sites have been found that will shed light on Oman and its glorious past,' informs to Biubwa Ali Al Sabri, Director of Excavation and Archaeological Sites at the Ministry of Heritage and Culture. P.] She added that many of the sites found in Sohar are burial sites belonging to the Wadi Souq period (1900- 1100 BC).

[NP] The small Neolithic sandstone human figurine is believed to be up to 5,000 years old. He was especially worshipped on the island, and king Minos was considered his son.

[....]"[Based on: BBC News article (Scotland's 'earliest face' found) - Page last updated at GMT, Friday, 21 August 2009 UK] *Link: Trivia / Minoan Civilization - "Bronze Age civilization, centring on the island of Crete. It is divided into three periods: the early Minoan period [c.3000-2200 B. The island has many myths surrounding it: here, the Minotaur was defeated by Theseus, Daedalus and Icarus worked here.

Professionalism In Nursing Is Not Related To Nursing Education; It Can Be Also Gained Through Experience.

Educational Activities Of The Ottoman Jews From The Last Decades Of The Empire To The Early Years Of The Turkish Republic :the Alliance IsraÉlite Universelle Experience In Light Of Turkish And French Archival Documents (1860-1937)Genetic Diversity Of Honey Bee Populations In Turkey Based On Microsatellite Markers: A Comparison Between Migratory Versus Stationary Apiaries And Isolated Regions Versus Regions Open To Migratory Beekeeping An Investigation Of Private Middle School Students’ Common Errors In The Domain Of Area And Perimeter And The Relationship Between Their Geometry Self-efficacy Beliefs And Basic Procedural And Conceptual Knowledge Of Area And Perimeter How Well Do Various Assessment Practices Of The Preparatory Year English Program Predict The Success Of Students For Toefl Itp (institutional Testing Program)?

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