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newspaper cites sources in Dublin saying there had been “movement” ahead of the deadline 14 December European Council meeting, where the future of talks will be decided.British officials are said to have suggested further devolution of power to the Northern Ireland power-sharing executive in order to prevent regulatory divergence between the north and the Republic.On Thursday the DUP threatened to rethink its deal with the Conservatives as Sammy Wilson, one of the party’s 10 MPs in Westminster, said they would not accept any moves that would see Northern Ireland “treated differently than the rest of the UK”.The stark warning followed reports that further powers could be devolved to Belfast to allow rules in areas such as agriculture and energy to be aligned with the EU, rather the London.He wants the EU to create a unique EU-UK customs union that would allow the Northern Ireland border to continue as it is.

Further papers including on agriculture and fisheries will be published next week as Brexit Secretary David Davis returns to the negotiating table in Brussels.

The issue is among the most challenging being navigated by ministers during early Brexit talks.

The Government’s formal position will be set out this week.

The proposed solution is complicated by the fact that the Northern Ireland executive does not currently have a government to consult on the deal because of the breakdown of power-sharing talks following recent elections.

The European Parliament and Commission have suggested that NI could stay in the customs union and that customs checks could instead of carried out at Irish sea ports when travelling to Britain.

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