Invalidating connection

In addition to the preprogrammed states, this module can also keep track of a number of binary user states, or To function properly, this module must be provided with BLE events from the Soft Device through the ble_conn_state_on_ble_evt() function.

This module should be the first to receive BLE events if they are dispatched to multiple modules.

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From the documentation I thought that the today view would keep a 'snapshot' of my widgets state until the widget Perform Update With Completion Handler method completion handler was called with success. From what I can see the 'snapshot' is just used when the Today View is animating in (when the user pulls down the notification centre).

user account is used to authenticate the replication agents that are installed by default.

You should create a dedicated user account for use with replication agents.

representing data that is obtained from a third-party system to display news, stock tickers, etc.).

Issue an HTTP request that causes Dispatcher to delete cached files, and immediately retrieve and recache the file.

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