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When she got closer to his desk she noticed that John had his cock out and was jacking himself off. He motioned for Jenny to come over and get between his legs. John had never yelled at her before much less command her to suck his dick.

She was shocked that she looked like such a slut in the video.

She wondered if all her pictures she had taken so far were this x-rated. I'm fucking waiting for you to get down on your knees and suck my dick.

These are my fucking pictures and videos you dumb bitch." Jenny was getting really scared at this point. She mustered up the courage to say, "I want all my pictures back and I want you to delete that video." "Are you stupid? Do you want me to send this video and all the pictures you've taken so far to everyone you know, including your parents?

Don't you remember signing papers that gave me the exclusive rights to these pictures? If not, I suggest you start sucking my cock." Jenny's eyes were red and watery as she began tearing up.

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