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Make sure to customize the AI loadouts for the three characters you want to level, then choose Fight.You can increase the speed of these fights x4, and you don't have to control the characters at all!Then go to the battle simulator and start endless mode and select the character they want to level up with AI loadout.

Those unique integrations are being revealed as more details emerge from various studios and designers.Increasing your character level is done by playing in matches, both in solo play or online.Winning a fight will earn a base reward of ~400-500 XP, and it takes a little over 100 wins with each character for them to reach level 20.We’re confident that we can save you time on your DBS and DS process!Our system will eliminate errors, give the employer a definite result without having to wait for the applicant to provide paper certificates and speed up the whole DBS (formerly known as CRB) process from start to finish.

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