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"I had a broken engagement two years prior, and I needed to be very sure this time.

I also went to Mass a great deal, took long walks and asked many questions." One day, while attending Mass with her future husband, she received a sign; shortly thereafter, they became engaged.

Our middle son recently announced his engagement to a young woman he has been friends with since childhood and dated for nearly four years.

My husband and I are grateful for the way in which Luke and Audrey have discerned their engagement and their plans for a Church wedding this May.

"The graces are many for those who discern well," Lenko said.

Added Stu Sigmund: "It takes a lot of silent prayer and reflection to hear what God has written into your heart.

"It’s more about having accomplished certain developmental and moral tasks," he said.

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I took great comfort in praying before a statue of holy Mother Mary," she said.

How could I have ever expected Liz to marry me and become a part of my family if she didn’t know firsthand what that was going to mean? "Plus, I always have believed that marriage is about family.

Anyone who is not interested in having or being a family has no business getting married." Even after spending time together and with one another’s families, how does one know whether the person he/she is dating is the one God has intended to be his/her spouse?

The Sigmunds dated for four years and were engaged for one before marrying in 2011. When they began dating, Stu was 23 and Liz was 21; neither had seriously dated anyone before, and that’s the way they both preferred it.

They also both were discerning vocations to the religious life, with Liz being more certain that she was called to marriage, but Stu still divided between marriage and the priesthood.

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