Black 4 black dating

Get to know your online match as an individual, avoiding generalizations or assumptions based on your current social circle or dating history.No one wants to be pursued solely for what they do or don’t represent or for the skin that covers their bones; ask specific questions, share your concerns and dating priorities, and be honest and open about why you approached him/her.You should be looking at the do not say “You are beautiful, smart, whatsoever for a black woman! ” This is the macroaggression we’ve mentioned above.

Don’t assume the black women you meet online meet unspoken expectations just because their skin color does.

When looking to date a black man or woman, use dating sites that allow you to filter strategically and be intentional about whom you want to pursue. Especially in the online dating arena, there are plenty of opportunities to meet people of various backgrounds and ethnicities.

If you’re looking to date a black man or woman, know why.

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