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Even if you're in a bar or club, you can still ask her and her friends: "So how do you all know each other...?" Classy, smooth, and it's the perfect pick up line for situation.Then, what you say next is easy: "So what brings you out here today?" If you're out during the day, that works wonders.I honestly wish I'd thought of this one, because it's so simple and easy to remember.Just walk up to a woman and say, "Do you have the time?I tell them that its because conversation has become like looking up something in an encyclopedia. Especially when you have to think Yes, telling a woman that she's beautiful is not necessarily bad.

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When I first found out about how women pick up on this stuff, I was AMAZED that it was so obvious that I was running around in my head the way I was.Here's the biggest secret about your "pick up line" that you MUST use to your advantage.It's probably the single most important thing you need to know about women, by the way. It doesn't matter what the first thing you say to a woman is...If you've ever wondered how to approach women so that they will respond positively to you, and how you can impress a woman without having to do some stupid trick from a bad romantic comedy movie, then you should look at the programs I offer on approaching women.In my Approach Women NOW program, I give the solid foundations for approaching and talking to women, including what to say, and how to really open a woman up.

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