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Elaborating on Matthew’s political stance, Makovi said in an interview that he’s a libertarian who “calls himself an anarchist, but that doesn’t mean he throws firebombs or anything like that.

He just thinks that the government is too big and he doesn’t need it to tell him how to live his life.” Sort of like a tea partier?

The children involved are mostly in their 20s and 30s, but they range in age from late teens to early 60s.

For now, The JMom’s services are offered for free, “but if we keep growing,” said Brad, the owner of an Internet company, “we’ll probably have to charge something to keep the lights on.” The JMom typically works like this: A parent (usually a mom) posts his or her child’s dating profile on the site, along with a few paragraphs on family background, in hopes of connecting with other Jewish parents who have submitted the same type of data.

The JMom member Myra Gondos of Oakton, VA, credited the long-distance matchmaker Rosenzweig with being “very smart,” but added, “I don’t think we should be hovering mothers.” Moms add a critical element to the matchmaking process, she said, because their goal is to act in the best long-term interests of their children – something the children themselves sometimes overlook.

Young romance-seekers often are preoccupied with looks and other superficial characteristics that don’t necessarily translate into a long-lasting relationship, according to the creators of The JMom.

WASHINGTON – Loren Rosenzweig earned a coveted spot in the pantheon of uber-Jewish motherhood by surreptitiously enlisting the help of a military chaplain – in Iraq, no less – to find a husband for her unsuspecting and initially mortified 25-yearold daughter, Annie.

Reflecting on the recent episode, the newly married Annie, who lives with her husband in the trendy Dupont Circle neighborhood in Washington, expressed conflicted feelings.

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Someone who is loyal, apolitical (or centrist), loves Israel and “identifies strongly with the Jewish people, even if she is not ‘religious,’” according to his profile.

“We don’t want them to do anything behind anybody’s back,” she said.

Some 150 matches have been authorized by The JMom profilees, but no one knows if any have resulted in marriages.

A new Jewish dating website called JMom “actually encourages moms to do the picking for their children,” according to a JMom spokesperson.

“As Annie learned, moms sometimes do know best.” The website is the brainchild of Chicagobased siblings Brad and Danielle Weisberg (ages 30 and 27, respectively), whose mother, Barbara, was their inspiration for her dogged efforts to try to set them up with the right person.

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