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I don’t need life insurance right now, but I’m going to need it soon: I don’t have any dependents and, as depressing as it is, if I were to die, everyone would be OK, financially.But, I’m looking into the future — one that’s full of kids — which means life insurance is also in the cards.The expense of running the life insurance company as a whole is another factor that can impact rates.It turns out that not every life insurance company actually owns the products it sells.This is a no-brainer, but it needs to be said: You should only buy a policy that you’re confident will be honored when it comes claims time.

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I assembled a list of 67 nationwide life insurance companies using the Insurance Information Institute’s “Find an Insurance Company” tool and A. That said, I only included companies in my search that don’t have special membership requirements.

It’s no fun to contemplate the fact I could die before my kids are grown, but I want to make sure they are financially supported, no matter what.

I definitely don’t (and won’t) have enough money saved to do that on my own.

The last thing I want is for someone I love to have to jump through extra hoops to collect my death benefit, or for there to be confusion about who is cutting the check.

Direct contact with the company underwriting my policy should eliminate those concerns.

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